With our vast assortment of tools, we are able to offer our clients different solutions. We own and operate all of our equipment. Lining technology is one of the many trenchless services we offer. Pipelining uses an epoxy resin and a sleeve to produce a new pipe inside an old pipe. It is a very complex concept but with thousands of installation under our belt we make it a simple and easy solution to homeowners for replacing sewer lines without the need of major excavation.


Our technician will diagnose and determine if Pipe Rehabilitation (Liner) is the best solution. Generally when it comes to roots problems Liner is one of the options, another one might be our Trench-less pipe replacement technology. Usually, the Hydro Jetter is used to clean the old pipe so it is adequate for the Liner sleeve. All roots, debris, grease, or anything creating a blockage is cleared. After the liner cures, roots will stay out and your problem will be solved. The Rooter Drain Experts offers a wide variety of plumbing services, if you were interested in learning about our pipe rehabilitation technology, these pages might also be of your interest.