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We are experts in trenchless technology and offer a wide range of services from hydro jetting, and sewer line inspections to rooter service!

Is your sewer line clogged, full of roots, and in need of major repairs? If so, give us a call!


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Hydro Jetting Service
Trenchless Pipelining

Rooter Drain Expert

We specialize in Rooter Service. When your drains become clogged you need an expert! We can provide you with solutions to clear any drain from snaking to hydro-jetting, or trenchless replacement. Unlike our competition, we use no sub-contractors. We own and operate all of our equipment. We are locally owned and operated in Santa Clarita. Rooter Drain Expert can clear or repair any drain from clogged sewer lines, showers, clogged toilets, or sinks.

Plumbing Service In Santa Clarita

At Rooter Drain Expert we can also handle any other plumbing problems. Our specialty is trenchless technology, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fix a leak. Our team of licensed plumbers can hangle running toilets, water heaters, and any small or big plumbing problems.

Trenchless Solutions In Santa Clarita

As our name implies we are drain experts with experience in trenchless pipelining and overall any trenchless technology. We can replace any water pipe, gas pipe, and sewer line with our trenchless technology. We were the 1st trenchless company in Santa Clarita, CA. We have over 20 years experience with all types of trenchless solutions.


Santa Clarita Plumber

We call ourselves the Santa Clarita Local Plumbers because we are a local plumbing company and serve many cities in the Santa Clarita Valley!. We have the best tools available in the industry, our plumbers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We have decades of experience. 


Santa Clarita Drain Cleaning

We specialize in drain cleaning and sewer repairs. There are several ways to clean a drain line. The Rooter Drain Expert has the latest in technology and the best in drain cleaning equipment to get any job done big or small. One of our best tools is the Jet Rooter machine also known as hydro jetting. Read all about it on our hydrojetting page!

No Excavation Trenchless Technology
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Our Services
  • Drain Cleaning

    As a homeowner, you will need a plumber that knows drain cleaning. Whenever you have a clogged drain you need to know who to call. Always hire plumbers with the proper skills. During the bad economic times, we’ve seen many people try to fix complicated plumbing problems themselves, usually this ends up costing more money at the end of the day.

  • Hydro Jetting

    The Hydro Jet is a 4,000 psi beam of water that cuts through anything blocking your pipes and drains. We will remove the toughest clogs! We are professional experienced plumbers. The Rooter Drain Expert is Licensed and Insured. The cost of using the Hydro Jetter depends on the length of the pipe and the type of mass blocking your pipe.

  • Trenchless

    The Rooter Drain Expert can replace your residential and commercial drain pipe with the use of trench-less sewer repair and replacement technology. No major digging required! With trenchless save your landscape, save your driveway, save time, and money.

  • Pipe Rehabilitation

    Lining technology is an alternative to the old excavation methods. We offer our clients different solutions and recommend the one that will work best and solve the problem at hand. Lining technology uses an epoxy resin and a sleeve to produce a new pipe inside an old pipe. It is just like having a new pipe inside the old one without causing problems to the existing plumbing system.

We Provide Plumbing Services in the Santa Clarita Valley Area

Located in Canyon Country, California, We are Santa Clarita’s rooter drain Expert.

The Rooter Drain Expert is Located in Canyon Country in Santa Clarita. Call us at (661)641-4165. CA Contractor Lic. #938041